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Performance advantages of oil mist collector

The filtration efficiency of the oil mist collector is long. The difference between electrostatic filtration and other media filtration is that the efficiency change is not significant, and the machinery and equipment are stable and reliable. The scientific and reasonable matching of built-in impeller, high protection IP54 motor and ABB thermal protector can make the machinery and equipment stable and reliable for long-term application and low maintenance cost. Compared with other types such as electrostatic filter and media filter, Low maintenance cost.

The low-noise design of the oil mist collector and the shock absorption design of the mounting bracket and the main body of the machine and equipment. During application, the low-noise motor is used for direct operation, which reduces the operation noise of the machine and equipment and is convenient for installation. Each collector can be directly installed on the machine tool and bracket, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly, simple, safe, spark free, high-voltage hazard and vulnerable components, Even if the collection hose is connected, the filter screen can be replaced. The fan impeller is not exposed to the outside, so the maintenance is very safe; It can capture oil mist and dust, and can capture the cutting produced by surface grinder and centerless grinder. It can be used for various machine tools or cleaning equipment such as EDM machine tools, high-speed CNC machine tools, gear machining machine tools and so on.

Performance advantages of oil mist collector

1. The oil mist collector adopts the principle of multi-level and multi-layer filtration. The primary filter captures 10um oil mist, the secondary filter captures 2um oil mist, and the tertiary filter captures 0.3um oil mist. The optional filter at the back end is mainly used to collect the smoke in the processing process.

2. The appearance paint adopts the manufacturing process of sheet metal parts of CNC machining center and plastic spraying treatment. Durable, easy to clean, not easy to fade, shelling site.

3. Operation and cleaning marks are innovative products. When the oil mist collector is running, the red ball floats upward until it is adsorbed to the top. For example, when the machine is closed, the red ball settles downward to the bottom. After running for some time, the filter cotton adsorbs the oil mist residue. When the suction of the oil mist collector is reduced to 70%, the red ball will lower to the bottom, suggesting that the filter cotton should be cleaned.

4. The vibration accuracy of the oil mist collector is related to the qualification rate of manufactured parts during CNC processing. All pass the full inspection and record the wind measurement data information, vibration accuracy, current, voltage, noise, machine equipment number and other relevant data information.

5. The stability of the motor of the oil mist collector is the key component of the whole machine and equipment. The matched motor is manufactured by the group company. Each data information passes the strict test. The insulation grade is grade B, the anti-corrosion grade reaches IP55, and the product application repair rate is only 0.5%.