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What problems can the oil mist purifier of CNC lathe deal with?

1. The oil fume and oil mist formed in the machining process of the lathe will have an adverse impact on the respiratory system and skin health of the human body, and will reduce the production efficiency of employees; People who work in such an environment for a long time have a high incidence of occupational diseases, which will increase the company's labor insurance expenditure;

2. The fog will be paid on the floor, which may cause people to slide and cause safety accidents, so as to improve the company's compensation for accidental damage;

3. Smog, oil mist and other foggy objects diffuse in the air, which will cause faults in the lathe electric control system and control system for a long time and increase the maintenance cost;

4. Smoke and oil mist are directly discharged into the air conditioning workshop, which will reduce and endanger the energy efficiency of air conditioning and greatly increase the use cost of air conditioning; If the smoke and oil mist are discharged outdoors, it will not only damage the environment (affect the company's social image, but also be punished by the environmental protection department), but also create potential fire hazards and cause accidental loss of property;

5. The oil mist cleaner can recycle and reuse the cooling oil from the smoke formed by cold heading machine and lathe, so as to reduce the production cost. The actual recovery benefit data depends on the degree of fog formation during production. Generally, the higher the concentration of fog, the better the recovery benefit.

6. The adoption of oil mist cleaner does not mean that it immediately forms economic benefits like lathes and other production equipment, which is usually ignored by people.