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Characteristics of electrostatic oil mist purifier

Many people don't understand the basic working principle and basic features of the oil mist purifier. They think that buying or not has no direct impact. Today, let's popularize some of its basic features:

Basic feature 1: high purification efficiency

It adopts high-end technology, which can accurately capture oil fume particles of any diameter, with purification efficiency of more than 96% and extremely high energy-saving efficiency.

Basic feature 2: long-term operation without consumables

Because the power control system of the oil mist purifier is relatively special and adopts high-frequency electrostatic technology, the electric field intensity and energy can be automatically adjusted at any time. In this way, even if it is used for a long time, it can maintain high-efficiency operation without consumables.

Basic feature 3: optimize the working environment

If employees work in the environment with heavy oil smoke for a long time, their physical and mental health will be greatly affected, causing a variety of occupational diseases, which will directly affect their work efficiency and increase the company's medical insurance expenses. The equipment can optimize the environment and provide a good working environment for enterprise employees. The large oil mist purifier truly realizes pollution-free and clean production.

Basic feature 4: realize clean and efficient production.

If there is too much oil smoke in the workshop for a long time, it will directly affect the machine tool circuit and control system and increase the maintenance cost of the machine tool. Using this equipment can reduce the maintenance cost of the machine tool and realize clean and efficient production.

Basic feature 5: long service life of equipment

The oil mist purifier is made of corrosion-resistant materials, which is difficult to be corroded by some strong acidic substances in oil mist or water vapor. The laser exhaust gas purifier improves the service life of the equipment.