Sp5000a-11 explosion proof compound wet dust collector (double working position)

Product detail

The motor power of the polishing machine is 4kw, the rotational speed is 280q, and the angle adjustable ground wheel is installed. The polishing range is larger, and the polishing arc angle is more convenient and practical. The length of the abrasive belt can be 700mm, which is suitable for polishing the surface of all kinds of metal workpieces, with convenient processing and flexible operation. (the polishing machine motor can be equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation function, or can be equipped with dual adjustable motor)

Product detail

1. Series specification: sp5000a-11

2. Treatment air volume: 3018m3 / h

3. Inlet wind speed: 8-16m / S

4. Dust removal efficiency: 88% - 99.8%

5. Total power: 7.3Kw (including motor power of polishing machine)

6. Overall dimension: 1750 x 1350 x 1880 mm